Monday, December 5, 2016


I used to have a heart, and when i saw you it would sing.

I walk around without a heart now.

Pictures from San Francisco, September 2016.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


The world is a very different place than it was when i wrote my last post, isn't it?
We all woke up in a new reality the day after the election.

I had tried to stay awake and failed, but i could hear the news anchors talking as i fell in and out of sleep, both from my computer next to the bed, and from the living room where Patrick and Angus were camped out with chips, cheese, and energy drinks.

At one point i woke up. It was about 4 or 5 in the morning.
Patrick came into the bedroom and i looked up and i asked him what was happening, and he simply replied "it doesn't look good" and for a moment i thought i was still sleeping.

In the morning, when the outcome had gone from nightmarish fantasy to actual fact of life, we sat next to each other on the bed, watching the speech, holding each other, still in complete disbelief.
I remember crying a bit and i remember saying "i will never forget this moment".
And i remember saying "i'm so glad we went to the States when we did, because i am never going back" and he said "no, we are never going back".

Now, a few weeks later, i can't tell if i still feel that way, or if taking a stand like that even matters in this post-truth world we are finding ourselves in.
But i guess i am still glad we went when we did.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Postcards from the recent past

Today i woke up early, feeling less hungover than i should have considering my Saturday night, so i started editing photos on my old Dell laptop, that only ever comes out of retirement for that very purpose.
I then did a 30 minute workout with my flatmate, who also had a late night. Then i went back to bed.

Now i sit here, realizing that my hangover might be the kind that sneaks up on you during the day, leaving you hungry and queasy at the same time, but unable to really do anything about it.
Well, i ate at apple, but what comes next, i don't know.
Everything is closed here on Sundays.
What i do know is that i desperately want to start posting pictures from my trip to California, but i don't think i can handle the word part of blogging that well right now...
So how about this.
I post my favorite pictures from the first roll of film i shot in Amsterdam and San Francisco now, and in the following post, i actually tell you something about my trip.
Would that work? 
Ok, great.

Here they are.

Amsterdam, San Francisco, Yoda, the view from the sunroof of Kimmie's car while driving down Lombard Street, a beautiful sunset, a mural by Diego Rivera, Doug's cat, the Golden Gate bridge.
And that was just the first two days.

More to come soon.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The next adventure

As i'm writing this i'm in bed drinking coffee, but next to me on the floor is an open, still unpacked suitcase and a boarding pass with today's date on it.
What i'm trying to say, is that this will be a quick one.

A couple of months ago we were sitting outside of a bar on Weserstrasse, when he told me that he was going to Burning Man in August and would be gone for about a month.
And maybe to soften the blow, or maybe just because he wanted to, he asked me if i wanted to meet up with him in the States for a little post-festival vacation.
I think i squealed with excitement.
But i didn't book the trip.
First it was because i'm still a little cautious, not having had the best experiences with traveling across the world for a boyfriend, something i believe i promised myself to never do again.
When i got over that, it was because i didn't have my vacation days approved at work.

So he left, after an amazing week of spending every day together, hanging out and making costumes for the festival, and i still didn't have a ticket.
Well, lucky for me that i waited, cause when my vacation finally went through, ticket prices had gone way down, and i was able to get a multi-city ticket that i could actually afford.

So later today, in a few hours actually, when i've showered and packed, i'll be on my way.
First to Amsterdam to do a bit of exploring by myself, as i don't actually know anyone there.
Then to San Francisco to reunite with my love after what is starting to feel like an eternity.
And finally to Los Angeles and Orange County to spend time with my beloved Prindles, and hopefully a lot of old friends i haven't seen in many years.

As usual i have very little planned, besides taking lots of pictures for the blog and instagram, so feel free to leave recommendations in the comments.
I'm especially looking for mind blowing nature near (or not so near) San Francisco.

Time to get up and pack, get the last of my shit together, panic about what i forgot and how the apartment will possibly survive without me.
Bikini, vitamins, iron that top.
Time to get the to-do list out of my head and into the suitcase.
And get myself onto a plane and into the unknown.

Classic Burgers and hip hop (also a classic; no burger and bad dj's)

Sunday at a festival by myself, swimming and listening to music 

I've never owned my own power drill, and i finally decided it was time and got myself this belated birthday present

Post work summer rolls in my room

New roommate invited us to brunch here, and the food and coffee was as good as the decor was cute

Early shift is rough but then there's the sunrise

Horns for my boo

And a cape too, and about a million other things

On my way to a photo shoot with a friend, so that's why the makeup

I love him so much, and he loves his hamster

Yard sale scores

Japanese breakfast market after a night of heavy rosé drinking, that resulted in a hangover and a sprained ankle

Shopping with Lucifer, got this for five bucks and i love it

Lunch before i took him to the airport

Burgers and hip hop crew

Drawing Sick Swords Sunday crew

Ready to go?